Beautiful Fall Tent Weddings

Oh Canada, the land where we are blessed with four truly distinct seasons, each with its own beauty. However, Fall can often be overlooked as a wedding option.So here are three simple reasons you really should book a Fall wedding.


Date and Price

Late spring and summer is the core wedding season. Take it from us, it is BUSY.This means you need to secure your date and location at least 12 months in advance. Then you have to nab your caterer, florist, planner,and dress fittings. All of this comes at a premium because of high demand and you might have to compromise your wish list to accommodate the vendors.

After Labour Day, everyone in the wedding industry takes a breath, things slow down a bit.Thereʼs a little more flexibility AND you might even get a better rate from some of the locations and vendors 😉


Colours and Decor

Simply put,Fall is pretty. Leaves of red, yellow, gold and green. The air is a little crisper. No bugs! The season gives you a warmer palette to work with for wedding colours. Fall bouquets are stunning and the table settings are deeper, almost royal. Plus you can set up a super cosy lounge area with pillows and blankets. Our tents can be heated, so even as the sun goes down your tent will be a glowing warm haven. Plus everyone knows Sperry Tents look their best after sunset!


Food and Drink

If you area foodie, then fall wedding food is definitely for you. People are looking to feel nourished after spending a summer in bathing suits, eating canapés and salads. Farm to table feast anyone?Itʼs harvest season so you can offer richer flavours and thereʼs a lot more to work within terms of global cuisine. The most decadent sweet tables can overflow with chocolate and spice infused cakes and pies.

As for drinks, the time of the spritzer has passed. Warm apple cider, mulled wine, a whisky bar. These are all waiting for your guests under the tent.You want to feel warm and full of love and these drinks do just that.

So there you have it. Check out our Autumn Stories Highlight for more ideas. You will see that there is nothing more magical than a fall wedding in a Sperry Tent.

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