Looking for a rental tent to complement – not detract from – your event décor? Each and every Sperry Tent is a sophisticated, thoughtfully conceived piece of fabric art marked by handcrafted timber support poles and nautical design cues. Our pole tents can accommodate any sized event, from a rehearsal dinner to a cocktail party to a 300+ guest outdoor wedding reception.

Use our online tent layout program to design your event. Just choose your desired tent size and adjust tables, dance floor, and accessories to your liking. No downloads required!

46′ x 85′

Area (sq. ft.): 3,445
Perimeter (ft.): 222
Max Capacity Seated: 176
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 345

46′ x 65′

Area (sq. ft.): 2,489
Perimeter (ft.): 182
Max Capacity Seated: 120
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 250

46′ Round

Area (sq. ft.): 1,661
Perimeter (ft.): 144
Max Capacity Seated: 80
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 170

32′ x 90′

Area (sq. ft.): 2,660
Perimeter (ft.): 216
Max Capacity Seated: 128
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 260

32′ x 70′

Area (sq. ft.): 2,020
Perimeter (ft.): 176
Max Capacity Seated: 96
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 200

32′ x 50′

Area (sq. ft.): 1,380
Perimeter (ft.): 136
Max Capacity Seated: 64
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 140

Small Tents

24′ x 44′

Area (sq. ft.): 934
Perimeter (ft.): 115

32′ Round

Area (sq. ft.): 804
Perimeter (ft.): 100

24′ Round

Area (sq. ft.): 454
Perimeter (ft.): 75

10′ x 16′ Arched Canopy

Our new arched canopy is an artistic combination of wooden supports and ivory sailcloth. It is freestanding (requires little to no staking) and 10 x 16 ft., making it the perfect covering for patios, terraces, and asphalt. It can also act as a roomy connector between two tents, demarcate a tent entrance, or provide a unique covering for bars and buffets.