American craftsmanship has a rich history and an even richer body of results. Whether the medium is wood, glass, metal or textiles, a handcrafted creation stands apart from the mass-produced crowd with superior quality, detailing and originality.

And this is why a Sperry Tent is more than just your average rental tent. Whether destined for events on Cape Cod or Nantucket, in England or Australia, The Hamptons or Palm Beach, each one of our canopies is first designed and manufactured at sister company Sperry Fabric Architecture, located in coastal Massachusetts. While some of the construction techniques involve modern technologies like CAD and a mechanized cloth cutter, most of the work, from sewing to grommet pressing, is still done by hand by local craftsmen. Which is exactly the way we like it.

Matt Sperry, president of sister company Sperry Fabric Architecture, designs Sperry Tents and oversees their specs and manufacturing.
Hand stitching by trained craftsmen is the hallmark of an authentic Sperry Tent.
Seam sealing ensures weather tightness.
Spruce logs before they become signature Sperry center poles.
Our authentic, translucent sailcloth canopies allow sunlight in during the day...
The Sperry Fabric Architecture barn in Rochester, MA, features an open loft floor and was sustainably constructed from locally sourced pine and super insulated panels.
Hand-assembly of a perimeter patch.
The Sperry family’s sailmaking heritage is evident in every tent detail, like this perimeter patch.
The source of our signature tapered spruce poles.
…and give off an illuminated glow at night.